Introducing Matr1x: A Next-Gen Game Platform

Marites Cabanilla
3 min readJun 5, 2023

What is Matrix?

Matr1x is a Singapore-based game developer and publisher with employees in Singapore, Hong Kong, and more. Their institutional investors include Hana Financial Investment, Hashkey Capital, Amber Group, SevenX Ventures, and others.

Matr1x's mission is to create the Matr1x Game Platform, a cutting-edge Web3 entertainment platform that combines CreatorDAO and strong execution capabilities. They aim to present a futuristic cyberpunk world through multi-episode games. The first episode, a high-quality FPS game supporting both PC and mobile, will launch in the fourth quarter of 2023. They are also developing subsequent episodes, including MMORPG and SOC games.

Matr1x Platform is the world’s first integrated project that encompasses multi-episode games, NFT art, Esports, online literature, and a community. Matr1x is independently developing three games, with Matr1x FIRE, a mobile shooting game, entering its alpha testing phase soon.

The founders of Matr1x have extensive experience in world-class mobile game companies, having developed and launched over 10 successful games with a total project flow of over USD 3 billion and an active user base of around 100 million. The team also possesses global game distribution experience and is currently spread across South Korea, Japan, the USA, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Matr1x has established partnerships with various organizations, including infrastructures, cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX), Web3 media outlets, game launchpads, game communities, Esports teams, NFT communities, and key opinion leaders (KOLs).

Matr1x Game & Esports

Matr1x's first game, Matr1x FIRE, is a shooting game that focuses on PvP multiplayer fair competition. It offers classic 5v5 battles, strategic casual PvE gameplay modes, and a Battle Royale mode.

PvP Mode 1: 5v5 Team Match Mode

Teams compete to eliminate the opposing team’s members. Resurrection is possible after being killed, and the team that reaches the target point first wins.

PvP Mode 2: 5v5 Team Competitive Mode

Players must strategically allocate in-game resources to acquire weapons and equipment at the beginning of each round. They earn extra resources and round victories by eliminating the opposing team or completing missions. The tournament winner is determined by accumulating round victories.


Players have access to over 30 different types of guns, each with unique recoil feedback, spray patterns, weights, and more.


Various combat maps are available for players to choose from.

Game Test

In their previous pre-Alpha April Game Test, Matr1x awarded millions of valuable assets as rewards, including Genesis Avatars, $FIRE tokens, and other rewards totaling over USD 20,000. Matr1x will soon begin the July Alpha Test for both iOS and Android users.


Matr1x plans to organize Esports tournaments in collaboration with community DAOs and third-party partners. These tournaments will include in-game competitive matches, small tournaments on live-streaming platforms, regional tournaments, and professional tournaments. In the July Game Test, players will have access to the Competitive Match mode to compete for in-game rankings. Additionally, players can create their own Esports matches using the Room and Observe Functions in the July Alpha Test.

Matr1x NFT & Token


Matr1x successfully launched Matr1x 2061 on various platforms such as Opensea,, Binance NFT, and OKEX NFT. Within 24 hours, Matr1x ranked 3rd-4th on Opensea, with daily trades surpassing 1000 ETH. By the end of May 2023, the total trading volume of YATC and

For more information, you can visit Matr1x’s website, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube. You can also find their NFTs on OpenSea and read a Cointelegraph report about Matr1x.